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Today I'm writting in english to show some people that portuguese have lots of respect for the oponents. We are not like those who thinks that are best than others.

Today Sport Lisboa e Benfica makes history winning for the first time the United team. But more important than the result are the greatest career that Benfica have been doing in football Europe. Many people remembered the old 60's times when Benfica was just one of the greatest times in world and definitely the best of Europe. In Portugal, no other team will reach that distintion. Benfica wan 2 Champions League in a row. That's something! About the game, what can we say. Maybe the players names are not enoug to win games. Benfica was clearly superior with exception for the first ten minutes. Even in the last sufocant minutes Benfica controlled the game and didn't give any space for Manchester United.

It's important to Portugal that Benfica reaches the next step on Uefa Champions League. It's a pitty that neither FC Porto or V. Guimarães had the same luck.

Finally I would like to comment the stupid behaviour of United Team. Portugal always receive foreigns in our country with care. This time wasn't exception. It's sad that Cristiano Ronaldo, which is portuguese and these are his portuguese suporters, made those hand signals and was so unpolite in Luz Stadium. It's unbelievable that a player with his status (after all, it's low certainly) couldn't be more polite. Sir Fergusson should do something about this and if he's not very occuped with his star team, he should put Manchester playing as in old times or he should retired himself avoing destroy all that team. Carlos Queiróz was also very unpolite when portuguese media ask him to comment the game. This people think that are better than we, but today Benfica puts this persons in his place.

Well, i'm back soon, in the weekend, with a text in portuguese.


Luís Manuel Almeida

(LEC, IST 2005)


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